Climb aboard for a ride into the past!
Welcome to the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum
Tours begin on the hour.
Here is an overview of your tour:
The first step after your arrival is to purchase admission tickets at the
Visitor Education Center. From the ticket office you will be directed to the theater room where you will view a 12 minute video introduction to the Trolley Era and Pennsylvania Trolley Museum. After the video meet your motorman/tour guide at the ticket counter to begin your ride into the past.

Trolley Ride:
Experience a bygone era with a 4-mile scenic ride on one or more of the museum’s restored streetcars. Enjoy the clang of the bell and the clatter of the heavy steel wheels over the rails as you feel the power of the electric motors moving the car along the track as was first experienced at the turn of the 20th Century. Board the ride at “Richfol” shelter an authentic waiting shelter preserved from the Washington interurban trolley line (origin of the original museum trackage) and originally located in Canonsburg where today Sarris Candy Company is located. Richfol is at the center of the ride so be sure to ride in both directions. Also look for and learn about our other preserved shelter buildings. Your ticket is good for unlimited rides so take your time.

Trolleys through Time:
Along the way you’ll stop off at the Trib-Total Media Trolley Display Building for a 15 minute look at the development of streetcars through the trolley era (1890-1950). Learn what makes a streetcar a trolley as your tour guide familiarizes you with changes to the cars through the years.

Extended Tours:
A special one hour tour of the Trib-Total Media Trolley Display Building is available Friday Saturday and Sunday at 1PM. for an additional fee. Tour and learn about all the trolleys housed there from Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. This tour is not available during Bunny Trolley, Pumpkin Patch or Santa Trolley Events.

Visitor Education Center & Restoration Shop Tour:
Start and Finish your tour at the VEC. Inside (in air conditioned comfort) you will find the current pictorial exhibits of street railways and how they related to everyday life during the trolley era. You will also find interactive items for the children including Play Trolley 225, the Chuggington train set and much more. If you missed the introduction video return here to view it. Best of all check out the Museum Store where a variety of rail related gifts and souvenirs of your visit can be purchased. While in the store ask about a tour of the Restoration Shop which is adjacent to the VEC. Here you will learn how
volunteer craftsmen rebuild, restore and maintain the vintage trolley fleet.

In addition to six paid staff the museum has over 150 regular volunteers who serve in every capacity involved in the day to day operation. Click here to learn more about
volunteer opportunities. Find something you can do to help and come join us!

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