East Site Expansion

It has long been a goal of the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum to expand its facilities to properly house and operate its extensive collection of historic streetcars. This effort started in the 1980s when it began acquiring land to the east of our main site. A development plan was carefully formulated that would significantly expand the Museum's impact as a regional tourism attraction and improve its educational programs.

To reach that goal, the Museum has undertaken a three-phase expansion project, which includes:

Phase I - Completion of a 1/2 mile track extension of the current demonstration trolley line linking the current Museum with a nearby 12-acre site. This included construction of McClane Loop in 2004 and allowed full utilization of single-ended cars. 

Phase II - Extensive site preparation and construction of a 28,000 square-foot trolley display building and trolley maintenance annex. This building houses over 30 streetcars, many that were stored outdoors for many years. As constructed cars were loaded on a tractor trailer truck and placed on the tracks one at a time. In 2007 A state-of-the-art trolley power substation was constructed adjacent to the rear of the Trolley Display Building to provide state of the art propulsion power to the antique fleet. In 2008 the complex track connections were completed and the building was dedicated. In 2009 a Pennsylvania Energy Harvest grant allowed for construction and a solar array on the roof of the TDB which generates power and provides energy credits that reduce the cost of electricity for museum operations. Public tours of the TDB are scheduled and available during the warmer months. Please check our schedule or call for more information.

Phase III - Construction of a 37,000 square-foot Visitor Center is planned adjacent to the Trolley Display Building. The new Visitor Center will allow the Museum to properly display and interpret exhibits that tell the fascinating story of Pennsylvania's Trolley Era. The building will also house the Museum's significant archival and photo collections in a secure and climate-controlled environment as well as providing addition space for classrooms, museum store and offices. Over 70,000 cubic yards of fill have been placed and fund raising efforts are underway to raise approximately $9,000,000 to complete this phase. When this building, and related parking areas are built, this will become the Museum's new front door.

Join PTM in realizing our vision for the Pennsylvania Trolley Era Heritage Complex East Site Development! Image developed and donated by Andrew Lynn, president of Lynn Architectural Illustrators, Inc. Lexington, KY

Last modified on November 16, 2010.