PATransit 4004

June 20, 2007, 4004 returned to service 4004's return to service is thanks to the efforts of the "Next Generation" an important part of keeping the memory alive!


Car Number 4004 Car Builder St. Louis Car Co 1949, rebuilt: Port Authority Transit
Year Built 1988 Year Acquired 2004
Type SE PCC Seats XX
Length 46'6" Width 8'4"
Height 10'3" Weight  
Motors WH1432L, 4@ Status In operation

At the time some of Pittsburgh's South Hills trolley lines were being upgraded to light rail standards and new equipment was being purchased the Port Authority undertook a program to remanufacture 1949-vintage PCC cars for use on the Library and Overbrook routes. At the time these lines were not being rebuilt and required operation using the smaller lighter cars traditionally used on these lines.

Originally slated to include 45 cars, the program ended with only a dozen rebuilds, due to cost realities.  Those that were finished, however, were essentially new cars, with all-new electrical and running gear of the type and style that they were originally equipped.

In September 1999 car 4004 was the last PCC to operate in revenue service, ending 63 years of PCC car operation in Pittsburgh.  It was donated to the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum by the Port Authority, who generously stored the car until the new Trolley Display Building was completed, and then repainted it before delivery.  It's the car that 2000's youngsters will remember!

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A 4000-series car under construction by PAT
(Oliver W. Miller photo)
Motorman's controls in 4004
(John Smatlak photo)
Interior of 4004, looking towards the rear.
(John Smatlak photo)
Exterior of 4004, Trolley Display Building
(John Smatlak photo)


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