Cincinnati, Newport & Covington 325

Trolley Display Building, 2005 (John Smatlak photo) In service in Kentucky (Terry Lehman collection)


Car Number 325 Car Builder Cincinnati Car Company
Year Built 1911 Year Acquired 2000
Type SE ST City Seats XX
Length XX'X" Width X'XX"
Height XX'X" Weight XX,XXX lbs (XX tons)
Motors GE 80A Status Stored inoperable, Galbraith Shop Building

Pennsylvania Trolley Museum's "Toonerville Trolley" (as in the old Fontaine Fox cartoons) originated in Southwestern Ohio, and faithfully served Cincinnati's southern suburbs in Kentucky for 35 years for the Cincinnati, Newport & Covington Railway Company.

Following its retirement in 1946, car 325 was sold to the Philadelphia Transportation Company for use as a rail grinder on the Market-Frankford Subway-Elevated line (rail grinding is a procedure that removes corrugations and results in a smoother ride).

After 20 years' service in Philadelphia, T-15 (its number there) was sold to the Trolley Valhalla group in New Jersey.  It came to PTM from the collection at the Middletown and Hummelstown Railroad in Middletown, Pennsylvania, near Harrisburg.

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  Trolley Display Building, 2005 (John Smatlak photo) County Home Siding 2000  
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