Monongahela Valley Traction 3000

Loading 3000 for the move to the Trolley Display Building Loading 3000 in Rivesville, WV, 1968


Car Number 3000 Car Builder Baldwin-Westinghouse
Year Built 1920 Year Acquired 1968
Type Steeplecab Locomotive Seats 0
Length XX'X" Width X'XX"
Height XX'X" Weight 107,000 lbs (53.5 tons)
Motors WH 562 Status Trolley Display Building Exhibit

West Virginia's Monongahela Valley Traction Company ran not only interurban electric passenger service between cities, but also a full-fledged freight operation on the same track.  This joint service continued until 1947, when the streetcars were discontinued.  (Interestingly, competitor Baltimore & Ohio then acquired part of the trolley line south of Clarksburg because its grades were better than their own.)Locomotive 3000 was built for the freight service and utilizes heavy-duty trolley technology in a compact package (compact it may be, but the crane lifting it to get it here revealed its weight to be 107,000 pounds!).After the streetcar days, 3000 went to Monongahela Power's Rivesville power plant, where it was used to shift coal cars brought in on the railroad.  It came to the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum in 1968.

Locomotive 3000 is the product of a collaborative effort between the Baldwin locomotive works (a company that primarily built steam locomotives) near Philadelphia (Edystone) and the Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company in East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A true Pennsylvania Product.

3000 in service
In service 1945 At the Trolley Display Building

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