Columbus Railway Power & Light Co. Flat motor 067

067 the "Outhouse on a Raft" on display at the TDB
067 is service at the Ohio Railway Museum


Car Number 067 Car Builder Columbus & Southern Ohio Power
Year Built 1923 Year Acquired 1985
Type Street Railway Motor Flat Car Seats 0
Length XX'X" Width X'XX"
Height XX'X" Weight XX,XXX lbs (XX tons)
Motors GE 54 (4) Status On Display, TDB

Many trolley companies employed the use of specialty cars like 067 - a utility car that could haul almost anything from rails and poles on down to spikes.  The key here was "utility" - make the car as flexible in function as possible.  Thus you see the long desk and the tiny cab - the load was the important thing, not the operator's comfort!

Referred to by rail enthusiasts as an "outhouse on a raft," a flat motor like 067 made the job of maintaining a trolley line easier than it would be without the specialized equipment.  Crews could carry all the elements of the work with them in one place without hauling a trailer, making it simpler to keep out of the way of the all important revenue producing passenger cars.  Ironically, some of the specialty cars outlasted the passenger equipment, and were used to tear up the tracks and wires after the lines were abandoned and replaced with motor busses.

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  At Ohio Railway Museum 1985, loaded and ready for the trip to PTM
(Bruce Wells, photo)


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